Elizabeth Price

Elizabeth Price was awarded the Turner Prize in 2012.

Elizabeth makes narrative videos for gallery installation. They incorporate digital photography, motion graphics, animation and sound, and emerge through formal, technical and intellectual exploration of digital visual media. In particular they exploit the heterogeneity of contemporary digital images - the possibility of combining graphic, photographic and cinematic languages - to permit a migration through varied formal genres and institutional contexts, in the course of a single narrative.

Each work features existing photographs, artefacts, documents and texts. These are re-photographed and digitally archived by Price over many months, then narratively composed using video editing software. Whilst moving-image is the means of presentation, the provenance of the work does not lie in the history of experimental or artists’ film-making, but rather in the artistic conjunction of image and text found in conceptual art and the work of the ‘Pictures’ generation.  These histories, which draw upon the vernaculars of social science as well as pop, and incorporate rigorous systems of objective veracity as well as mimicry and detournement, are extended through Price’s work. They appear variously as didactic, persuasive or blatantly affective episodes intended to both satirise and resuscitate the associated institutional critiques.

Elizabeth Price has had solo exhibitions and screenings of her work at Tate Britain, BFI Southbank, Whitechapel Art Gallery, Chisenhale, Bloomberg SPACE and Frieze Art Fair. Her work featured in British Art Show 7 – In the Days of the Comet in 2010-11 and she was nominated for the Jarman Award 2011.

In 2012 Elizabeth has been nominated for the Turner Prize for her solo exhibition HERE at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead. This included a new work called THE WOOLWORTHS CHOIR OF 1979, which was devised while Elizabeth held the Arts Council England Helen Chadwick Fellowship 2010-11 in Oxford and Rome. She has also been awarded the Paul Hamlyn Award for Artists.

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